The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Utjiua Muinjangue is dismayed at the lack of basic materials and equipment at state health facilities.

Dr Utjiua Muinjangue shared this concern at the opening of a week-long national annual Planning and Financial Management Convention at Otjiwarongo.

Dr Muinjangue stressed the need to transform and strengthen the health and economic security of the country.

"It is very disturbing and annoying that our health facilities lack some of the basic essential materials and equipment that are necessary to cure and rehabilitate our patients. Thus, together, we have a tremendous opportunity to transform the future of our beloved country, to strengthen health and economic security, and to deliver on the goals for a new era of sustainable development."

She also called on all state medical and administrative officers to work on curbing wastage and duplication of resources.

There is also a need to strengthen leadership, coordination, and guidance on planning and budgeting for the realisation of the long and medium-term national development agendas.

"I would like to emphasise that every contribution from each of you in this gathering is important and contributes significantly to whatever it is we are doing together. We need to be on the same page in identifying, modifying, and implementing existing norms, standards, tools and other innovative mechanisms to ensure success in our mission of providing quality health care to each Namibian."

The convention is being attended by heads of directorates, superintendents, and other key administrators within the health sector.

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