Vice President Nangolo Mbumba says the government has not signed any agreement with the German government regarding the 1904–1908 Genocide negotiations.

He said this at the Chief's Forum Meeting attended by traditional authorities from communities affected by the 1904–1908 Genocide in Windhoek today.

He explained that the government will not sign any agreement with Germany regarding the matter without the endorsement of the affected communities.

Mbumba also noted that the reparation amount that Germany is expected to pay for the Genocide will not be put together with the government's national budget. A separate fund will be created where the affected communities will be allowed to participate in how the money will be used.

He says these funds will also be treated separately from the bilateral aid to Namibia.

The Chief's Forum Meeting, he says, is being held to allow leaders to advise the two governments on how to amend the Joint Declaration on Genocide.

Among the issues that need to be amended, he says, are: the reparation amount of €1.1 billion, which is not enough to account for the damage Germany caused and needs to be revisited and improved; the suggested 30-year payment period of the reparation funds is said to be too long considering economic factors such as inflation; and the current negotiations to recognise victims in the diaspora, especially those living in Botswana. Another issue was that Germany does not understand the impact of its actions, and the communities want them to acknowledge that a genocide took place.

Mbumba, therefore, called on the traditional leaders to work together in unity and with the government to find a conclusion and meet the demands of the affected communities.


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July Nafuka


July Nafuka