Children of the late Gertrud Rooi say NamPol's Gender-Based Violence Investigation Unit and the police at Dordabis are aware of their father's alleged abusive nature.

The 57-year-old Rooi and her 30-year-old daughter, Goldie Landsberg, were allegedly shot dead on Saturday at Stinkwater by Edward Rooi.

Reporter Emil Seibeb and cameraman Festus Mbendeka visited the family's home this morning, where the late Rooi's children told them of how they grew up in a toxic and violent environment with their father, who now faces murder charges.

They say he has, on multiple occasions in the past, threatened to shoot and kill the entire household. Now, three of the surviving nine children of Rooi partly put the blame on their deceased mother, whom they say maintained an abusive relationship.

On Saturday, Edward Rooi allegedly came home drunk and started an argument with one of his daughters.

The people in the house could not make out what the argument was about or what had prompted it.

Rose Landsberg, one of the surviving daughters, says after she, her mom, and several other residents heard a gunshot from inside the shack, they ran out and found her sister shot, together with another neighbour who was visiting.

"He said when he comes out, he will kill us too. Yes, he said it! My mother was the breadwinner; she did everything for us. Today is her birthday, and that makes it more difficult for us."

She further narrates that after realising that her sister had been shot once in the neck, she ran with her mother, jumping the fence into the neighbour's yard.

Her father gave chase and then shot at her mother, first in the face and then at three other parts of her body.

Dimitris Rooi, also a daughter of the couple, says she and her eight siblings have become accustomed to violence at home.

Her father, she alleges, became an unknown monster every time he drank alcohol.

Edward and Gertrud Rooi have been separated for two years.

According to the children, their mother could no longer endure the violence and moved a few houses away to her parent's house, but this did not allegedly deter their father, who would still come and beat her up, including the children.

"My father loses his temper whenever he gets angry. One day he came here and started to beat my mother. He picked up an iron rod and started to beat her terribly. I took a video of the beating and shared it on the Doradabis police WhatsApp group; they have the evidence, and we even have numerous cases opened there; even at the Rehoboth Women and Child Protection Unit, we have reported a number of cases and given up."

The pair had been married for twenty-five years.



Emil Seibeb