The brother of the Stinkwater murder accused reverend Lazarus |Awaseb has called on the Minister of Justice Yvonne Dausab to urgently tighten the laws to deter domestic and gender-based violence crimes. 

He shared this sentiment with the |Khomas Governor Laura Mclaud-Katjirua who visited the grieving family at their home at Stinkwater.
It is five days since the shocking reality of the double murder incident at Stinkwater, a small settlement with a close-knit community.

Edward Rooi was allegedly the gunman, in the killing of his wife of 25 years and his 30-year-old daughter Goldie Landsberg.

Two other people were injured, in the incident that has left this family and the community of Stinkwater in disbelief.

|Khomas Governor Laura Mclaud-Katjirua visited the family and expressed her sympathy.

She described the incident as tragic and unfortunate, saying the two lives lost are way too many.

"We are now sitting here with orphans, as far as I am concerned these children are orphans. The mother is late and the father is in jail, it is so emotional, it is so painful, that one individual can just decide to come and murder two people, his own wife and his own daughter."

Though arrested and denied bail, Edward Rooi is still a suspect until proven guilty.

The shooting incident took place on Saturday, and according to his brother, Rooi appeared intoxicated at the time.

His daughter was the first to fall under this tree after she was hit by a single shot.

One of his daughters, Rose Rooi then took her mother and ran to the neighbour's yard, but according to Rose, her father soon caught up with them and allegedly killed his wife at close range.

This neighbour still cannot believe how Rooi missed her.

"I am lucky, he could have shot me. Everyone ran to me, I could have been a victim."

Rooi, according to his brother also made his way to his house and fired shots at the house.

|Awaseb says he ran from his brother's house and survived the ordeal.

"let us protect our women and children, I hope that minister Dausab comes up with something that will avert these crimes."

The children of Rooi described their father as a violent and abusive man, saying no one in the household was spared from physical abuse.

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