A Zambian and Zimbabwean national appeared before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate's Court on charges of illegal harvesting of timber in Namibia.

They are 60-year-old Domingo Armando,  a Zambian national and 50-year-old Thomas Mupfugami, a Zimbabwean national. 

Both suspects are represented by a private lawyer, Ivine Ntelamo from Inonge Mainga Attorney. 

They were not asked to plea to the charges. 

The duo was remanded in custody after the state had objected to the granting of bail because they are all foreigners and fears that they might flee the country.

Their case was postponed to the 20th of  January next year for further investigations.

The Zambian suspect was arrested on Thursday night while attempting to cross into Namibia illegally through an ungazetted point of entry.

His Zambian registered tractor and its trailer loaded with timber without a permit was also impounded by the police. 

It is reported that Armando led the police to the Zimbabwean suspect at Katima Mulilo who is believed to be the owner of the tractor.

Mupfugami was then arrested on Friday. 

It is reported that he has overstayed his visa and his case was handed over to immigration officials. 

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Vicky Walubita