The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelega, is disappointed with the non-availability of broadcasting services on Impalila Island.

This comes after a project to build a tower for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation was abandoned by the contractor more than four years ago.

Dr. Mushelenga, accompanied by the Executive Director, Dr. Audrin Mathe, and MICT staff, visited the site.

He said the absence of a tower on Impalilia Island is robbing residents of radio and television services.

"Now these are the people we try to empower: Namibians, local Namibians, upcoming entrepreneurs, and this is what they do. "In four years, nothing has happened; a person left, and the entire project is back to square one; I'm sure nbc will now try to find another contractor, and I believe money paid may not have been recovered yet."

The minister promised to take up the issue with the nbc Board on future plans that would ensure the completion of the project, as well as what happened with the initial contractor.

The Kabbe South Constituency Councillor, John Likando, who accompanied the minister, said he was happy with the prompt response from the ministry, as residents have been complaining about the lack of services for years.

"Each time I come, whether for a village committee meeting or a CDC meeting, this issue of communication breakdown around the island and nearby places has always been a challenge, and it has been a priority on our agenda that the people don't have access to announcements, technology, and general communication, and I believe the government made provision by funding this structure, which is in very bad shape and abandoned by the contractor. Out 

Likando expressed the hope that plans to rehabilitate the project would resume after the Minister witnessed the situation at Impalila Island.

Photo Credits
Juliet Sibeso