The Chairperson of the Kavango-East Regional Council, Damian Maghambayi, has applauded stakeholders for successfully completing planned projects during the 2022–2023 financial period. 

Maghambayi made these remarks while reporting on numerous successful projects in his constituency during the annual Constituency Development Feedback and Project Review Briefing meeting. 

Among the successful projects are the upgraded Frans Dimbare youth center at a cost of N$13.2 million, the drilling and installation of boreholes at Tjova and Rudhiva villages, and the provision of services such as the construction of the Shamaturu clinic and the electrification of the Shamundambo village.

Maghambayi further said that despite financial constraints and a limited budget, the Regional Council, in collaboration with key stakeholders, ensured that strategic plans were successfully implemented.

One of the highlights is the State of the Arts Water Project, which was recently inaugurated by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, at Thikanduko.

The project was fully funded by the Kavango East Regional Council to the tune of N$600,000.

Maghambayi raised concerns about the increased human and wildlife conflicts in the region.

This follows after the young life of Ellen Mashoro Disho, a resident of Thikanduko, was cut short earlier this year when a crocodile attacked and killed her while fetching water from the river.

"Our achievement is ensuring that we provide water infrastructures to the community, especially one of our milestone projects at Thikanduko village; this is the project that arose from human-wildlife conflicts where a young girl was killed by a crocodile. It was so touching, and I felt as a councillor for the constituency that we needed to do something."

When probed by the MICT team on alternative plans to mitigate the high rate of wildlife-human conflict challenges in the region, the chairperson said: "The press statement by the Kavango leadership will be issued very soon, so that we condemn the negligence caused by some line ministries not paying attention to the issue of human-wildlife conflict." adding that there are ways the issue can be addressed, such as "There is a way that we can harvest these crocodiles and make them useful. There are a lot of crocodiles and a lot of hippos in the river. What are we going to use them for?"

The Inspector of Education in the Mukwe Circuit, Theofillus Kadhimo, also emphasized the need to build more schools and roads that lead to the inland schools in the region.

Kadhimo further indicated that the Mukwe circuit is one of the circuits with the highest rate of uneconomical schools.

He added that inland schools are abandoned, resulting in overcrowding in schools in Divundu.

"The Mukwe circuit is one of the circuits with the highest number of uneconomical schools. These are schools with fewer learners. There are factors that are political that have contributed to the circuit at the constituency level. So many uneconomical schools lack infrastructure and roads. So we need roads that go to those schools. Even as an inspector visiting those schools, it's very difficult because there are no roads."

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