All dams in Namibia are at 71.4% capacity. This represents a drop of 0.4% from the 71.8% recorded last week.

This information is contained in Namwater's Weekly Dam Bulletin. 

The bulletin indicates that Windhoek dams recorded the highest volume of 83.2%, with the Goreangab Dam standing at 100% capacity while Friedenau Dam is at 74.2%.

The southern dams have a total volume of 80.3%, with the Neckartal Dam recording the highest volume of 94.1% and the Naute Dam at 77%, while the Bondels Dam is empty.

The dams in central Namibia currently stand at 40% of their full capacity, with the highest being the Swakoppoort Dam at 73.3% and the lowest being the Omatako Dam at 0.5%.

The Gobabis dams had the lowest total at 13.4%, the Tilda Viljoen Dam recorded the highest volume at 34.9%, the Daan Viljoen Dam recorded 31.6%, and the Otjivero Silt Dam had the lowest total of 0.9%.

The rivers in the north are low currently.

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Frances Shaahama