The Information and Communication Technology Minister commissioned the Flood Risk Communication Center at Oshikango in the Ohangwena Region.

The center will serve as a platform where information and updates are communicated about the flood situation to the public by authorized personnel, to avoid disinformation circulating.  

Opening the center, Dr. Peya Mushelenga cautioned the public to stop spreading false information.

He says the misinformation by members of the public is not only causing panic among the community but also gives a wrong impression to those who may wish to assist.

Mushelenga who is the Government spokesperson also visited several places in the Oshikango and Engela constituencies respectively to assess the severity of the floods in order to advise the cabinet for intervention.

Emphasizing the minister's sentiments is the Governor of Ohangwena Region, Walde Ndevashiya who said that people should refrain from spreading false information that may lead to confusion and panic. 

The flood risk communication center will be managed by the MICT Regional Office in conjunction with the Ohangwena Regional Disaster Risk Committee.

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Luqman Cloete