A 47-year-old pedestrian was run over by an ambulance last night in Ndiyona District, Kavango East Region.

The incident occurred about 80 kilometers east of Rundu.

NamPol's acting Regional Commander for Kavango East, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu, says the deceased was crossing the road with two of his relatives when the ambulance from Andara Hospital came speeding in their direction.

"It is clear that the pedestrian was in the company of two people who crossed, and he followed, but due to the fact that the deceased is disabled and was walking on crutches, he was a bit slow and the kombi was a bit fast, and they bumped him out."

The deceased was identified as 47-year-old Joseph Mahupe, a resident of Shankarara.

The 59-year-old driver of the ambulance was not arrested, as the police investigation continues.

Deputy Commissioner Kanyetu addressed the establishment of shebeens next to highways as a matter of concern that needs to be addressed.

"Some of the things that we need to look at are where the shebeen are situated. Shebeens next to the road are always dangerous, especially on a highway, but we have them, and that is what we must understand, something that I will consult. This area must have a clear mark indicating the pedestrian crossing. As you look at it, there is no sign as such, and it is definitely unfortunate that we have to start to regulate the layout of shebeens."

Kanyetu called on pedestrians to equally comply with the rules of the road.

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