The Keetmanshoop Magistrate's Court has reserved judgment in the bail application of two police officers, Mulisa Bernard Mulisa and Willbard Neshuku, accused of murdering Elleste Plaatjie.

The duo faces charges of murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Lawyer Martino Olivier, representing Mulisa and Neshuku, argued the state could not sustain the grounds on which it was opposing the granting of bail to his clients.

The state argued that the two accused are flight risks, will interfere with the police investigation, and that their case is in the public's and administration of justice's interest.

However, Olivier dismissed these arguments, saying they lacked legal background.

But State Prosecutor Marlon Adams countered the defense counsel arguments, saying they are far-fetched and that the state indeed has a strong case.

During their testimony, both Mulisa and Neshuku denied having assaulted Plaatjie, which caused his death.

They testified that Plaatjie and two others were stopped and searched when a fellow officer spotted Plaatjie putting something in his mouth when he spotted the Police Quantum Bus in which they were traveling.

Upon close inspection, it was found Plaatjie was chewing a substance that smelled like cannabis.

Police also confiscated two seeds of cannabis found in a matchbox found in the possession of Jaydon Jansen.

The police officers testified they rounded up Plaatjie and Jansen, and en route to the Drug Law Enforcement Office, Plaatjie allegedly attempted to grab a teargas canister from its box in the bus.

This prompted Mulisa to restrain Plaatjie from getting hold of the tear gas canister.

While he was trying to restrain Plaatjie, the bus driver hit the brakes, causing Neshuku and another officer, who was assisting to contain an explosive situation, to fall on Plaatjie.

The two police officers further told the court that Plaatjie and Jansen were taken to the Drug Law Enforcement Office.

However, the latter office was closed, and they were taken back to the place in the Kronlein residential area where they were rounded up and released on warning.

Magistrate Erick Dandu is expected to deliver judgment on Friday.

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