Otjiwarongo explosives factory poses no danger


The Otjiwarongo municipality has assured the residents that the planned explosives factory northwest of the town will pose no danger to residents as it is located in an area where there are no plans for current or future developments.

The statement by town mayor Kandiwapa Shivute follows a daily newspaper report this week in which concerns were raised and objections made against the factory. Shivute says the Beifang factory will not be manufacturing explosive products but will use the site to store explosives for mining activities in the town.

Otjiwarongo Municipality to roll out housing units' decongestion plans


Otjiwarongo Mayor, Kandiwapa Shivute says the council will roll out its housing units' decongestion plans.

Shivute says as initially agreed with residents, the council will follow resolutions passed in December 2016 to eliminate all Single Quarters at the town as they are considered inhumane and overcrowded.

Shivute says to decongest 30 units which are currently divided into four sub-units, housing 120 households in total, on lease agreement.

Mixed emotions over relocation of Single Quarters hostel dwellers at Orwetoveni 


A decision by the Otjiwarongo Municipality to ease the overcrowded Single Quarters hostel units at Orwetoveni has been met with mixed emotions by residents who are refusing to be relocated to a new service area with no water and electricity.

 Group chairperson, Irene Uushona says residents will remain defiant and not move from the dilapidated four unit houses to Kamp 5 settlement on the outskirts of the town as it's not habitable.

Uushona says the relocation area is not yet proclaimed to accommodate hundreds of residents and lacks basic services.