Green Hydrogen Commissioner urges Namibia to advance industrial agenda


The Green Hydrogen Commissioner states that discussions surrounding green hydrogen in Namibia have progressed beyond mere conversation. It is now necessary for Namibia to develop a plan for a green industrial agenda, focusing on production and the establishment of new industries.

During an interview on NBC's Talk of the Nation program, James Mnyupe mentioned that Namibia has made significant progress in the development of green hydrogen, which has demonstrated positive potential for the country.

Germany backs Enertag's Hyphen Green Hydrogen Project


The German government has presented a letter of intent to Enertag, a global renewable energy company, confirming the suitability of the Hyphen Green Hydrogen Project as a designated strategic foreign undertaking.

The strategic foreign project designation for the US$10 billion project renders it eligible to receive targeted support.

Strategic foreign project designation is a status reserved for high-priority global projects of strategic interest to Germany.

Namibia invited to join International Hydrogen Trade Forum


Namibia is accorded an opportunity to contribute to the global collaboration agenda for advancing the green hydrogen ecosystem following an invitation to join the International Hydrogen Trade Forum.

Namibia is a member of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum through the Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme, spearheaded by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The forum is imperative for high-level discussions between importing and exporting nations, ensuring the development of global trade corridors for hydrogen and its derivatives.

Government raises over N$790 million for share in Hyphen Hydrogen Energy


The Green Hydrogen Commissioner says the Namibian government has raised over N$790 million in grant funding for its 24% share in Hyphen Hydrogen Energy and for other green hydrogen projects in the country.

James Mnyupe said this at a media briefing on the recent developments regarding the Green Hydrogen Programme in Windhoek today (Mon).