NWR MD robbed in Auasblick mountains


Namibia Wildlife Resorts Managing Director Matthias Ngwangwama hit a streak of bad luck during his exercise regime in the AuasBlick mountains east of the capital yesterday.

53-year-old Ngwangwama was hiking on the Auasblick trails at around six in the early evening when he met two armed robbers who ordered him to hand over his cellphone as well as his vehicle key and tied him up.

The two brazen suspects disappeared in the bushes with his cellphone as well as his car. 

Female bartender robbed of over N$200,000 at gunpoint in Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond


A female bartender was robbed of more than N$200,000 at gunpoint by two unknown suspects in the early hours of yesterday at Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond.

At the time of the robbery, the bartender was preparing to go to the bank to deposit the money.

Two men appeared suddenly as she stepped out to take a taxi, one of whom was armed with a pistol.

Eight suspects arrested at Rundu after Grade 2 teacher was robbed


Eight suspects were arrested at Rundu after a Grade 2 teacher was robbed by two men while she was teaching at the Rudolf Ngondo Primary School on Thursday.

It is alleged that the teacher withdrew an amount of N$14,000 from a local bank, meant for the regional sports event before she headed to school.

It is alleged that the suspects followed her to school.

The suspects allegedly gained entry to the school premises by jumping the fence and started looking for the teacher from one class to the next until they found her.