Angola approves extension of Namibian farmers grazing


Namibia and Angola have issued a joint communiqué pertaining to the authorization of drought-plagued Namibian farmers to continue grazing their livestock in Angola.

This follows a meeting held in Angola last October where the importance of peaceful co-existence, particularly with respect to Namibian farmers grazing their cattle in Angola, was emphasised.

Lack of grazing in Okakarara District a concern


Livestock farmers in the Okakarara District are worried as their animals have started to die as a result of a lack of grazing.

Most farmers say they cannot afford animal fodder.

An nbc News team driving through Okakarara witnessed malnourished cattle roaming around in search of grazing.

Farmers have started to slaughter the weak ones before they die.

The Executive Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, I-Ben Nashandi, details the government's livestock drought relief programme, which is to be rolled out to all 14 regions of the country.

Headwoman Namundjebo-Tilahun aids farmers affected by drought 


The headwoman of Ohailombo Village, Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun, has brought hope and relief to the farmers in Eengodi and Nehale LyaMpingana constituencies in the Oshikoto Region.

A lack of adequate rainfall this year has affected many people, let alone livestock.

Previously, during this time of the year, farmers could be seen transporting their animals from the main land to the cattle posts for better grazing.

However, with global warming, the situation has changed.

Farmers cautioned to respect privacy of guests at King Nehale Lodge


The Oshikoto Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Theopolina Kalompo-Nashikaku, has cautioned farmers who have moved their cattle for grazing purposes to Okashana to respect the privacy of guests at the King Nehale Lodge.

Okashana is part of the King Nehale Conservancy area.

Kalompo-Nashikaku says there has been a notable influx of cattle and people to the area due to a lack of sufficient rainfall.