Namibia commemorates Worker's Day


Employees of various companies and trades that the nbc News team spoke to are calling on the government to show its appreciation to its workers by offering gifts or lunch packs. 

On a beautiful public holiday, some workers are busy filling up their cars and celebrating the day with friends and family, while for others, this day means business as usual.

Elias Amxab Combined School to receive new classrooms


The government will construct four classrooms at Elias Amxab Combined School in Sesfontein.

Situated in one of the deepest parts of the Kunene Region, Sesfontein, Elias Amxab Combined School has 815 learners.

The school looked much better compared to our last visit.

Education, Arts, and Culture Minister Anna Nghipondoka encouraged teachers and learners to continue with teaching and learning despite the circumstances.

For the six groups of classes that are currently being taught outside, the government will construct four classrooms.

Namibia faces biggest debt payment yet


A significant portion of government debt is due for repayment over the medium term.

The N$14.3 billion Eurobond, due on October 29, 2025, is the largest single-day debt maturity in the history of Namibia.

Tabling the national budget in the National Assembly, Finance and Public Enterprises Minister Iipumbu Shiimi pointed out strong growth in the gross domestic product, supported by improvements in tax collection measures by the Namibia Revenue Authority. These, he said, have led to significant improvements in several revenue streams. 

MICT Minister dismayed by ministries' reluctance to provide information 


The plight of the homeless people who were housed by Government at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic at the Katutura and Khomasdal Sports Fields has not changed.

Despite the drop in fatalities during the spread of the disease, the homeless people still live there, enduring harsh daily realities.

The shelters provided by Government and corporates were considered temporary refuges due to the pandemic.

BoN projects an increase in the government's income


The Bank of Namibia (BoN) projects an increase in the government's income as well as a narrowing of the budget deficit for the 2023–24 financial year.

In its June 2023 quarterly report, the central bank says the government's debt is expected to decline to 4,6% of the Gross Domestic Product from 5,1% in the previous financial year.

Revenue collection is expected to increase by 16,5% to N$74.7 billion, owing to a significant increase in SACU receipts, coupled with a rise in company and individual taxes as well as value-added tax.

Government and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy sign Feasibility and Implementation Agreement


The Namibian government and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy have signed the Feasibility and Implementation Agreement for the N$10 billion Green Hydrogen project.

The agreement was signed at State House by the respective parties.

The Feasibility and Implementation Agreement will serve as the governing document for the development, implementation, and operation of a green hydrogen project in the vicinity of the Tsau-||Khaeb National Park in the ||Kharas region.