#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Otjiwarongo residents queue up for registration despite cold weather


Residents of Otjiwarongo braved the cold weather experienced across the country to exercise their right to register for the upcoming national elections.

Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua was one of the first citizens to join the queues in Otjiwarongo to obtain a voter's card. 

Uerikua emphasised the importance of being a part of the decision-making processes that shape a country's future.

Otjozondjupa Governor reiterates call for referral hospital at Otjiwarongo


Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, James Uerikua, has reiterated a call for a referral hospital at Otjiwarongo because of the many accidents happening on the B1 road.

Uerikua was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ombili Clinic at Otjiwarongo.

Otjiwarongo has a population of 220,000 inhabitants, of which 62,000 depend on health services from the Otjiwarongo State Hospital.

Otjiwarongo residents urged to be patient as municipality fixes roads


The Otjiwarongo Mayor has pleaded for patience with residents, as the municipality is busy addressing damaged roads in the town. 

Gottlieb Shivute made this plea at the town's community meeting, where some residents demanded that the council fast-track the repairs, as potholes are an eyesore and a challenge to motorists.

Shivute says the rehabilitation and maintenance of all residential road projects will commence in the first week of April. 

ECN trains Supervisors of Registration


The Electoral Commission of Namibia's (ECN) Commissioner, Emmerentia Leonard, has urged Supervisors of Registration to conduct their work in a non-partisan and transparent manner.

Dr. Leonard was speaking at the opening of a two-week training for supervisors of registration at Otjiwarongo.

Namibians will go to the polls on November 27, and the Electoral Commission of Namibia is preparing the Supervisors of Registration for the General Registration of Voters.

Residents of Tsaraxa-aibes bemoan years of piled up waste 


Residents of Tsaraxa-aibes, an informal settlement in Otjiwarongo, are calling on the municipality to attend to the uncollected waste piled up over recent years.

The residents claim that waste has not been collected for the past 2 to 3 years. 

Although the town recently conducted a clean-up campaign, Tsaraxa-aibes was not attended to, as waste there cannot be collected by hand.

Waste is prevalent on the streets; refuse bins stand filled to capacity, while residents have resorted to dumping waste next to the bins and on street corners.

Family of residents at Altersheim Retirement Village urged to visit


The Altersheim Retirement Village in Otjiwarongo is encouraging family and friends of its residents to visit them as often as possible.

The Retirement Village cares for elderly residents and assists them with all their needs.

The elders are kept busy in an artistic way, usually sitting near the fish pond and painting.

They also do gardening, attend church services, and read books in the hallway.

However, the attention and care that elders receive at retirement villages cannot be compared to that which can be offered by their family members. 

Otjozondjupa RC to wave historic water debts


Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua says the regional council agrees to the writing off of historic water debts in certain cases.

Uerikua was speaking at a meeting with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development, which is currently hosting a hearing on historic write-offs of water and electricity debts.

Uerikua says local authorities with access to natural water sources must strengthen themselves to provide water to their communities.

Rich and poor gap needs narrowing



Swapo Party Vice President and the party's next presidential candidate Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah says there is a need to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.

This, she says, is done by adding value to the country's resources and creating more jobs locally.

Nandi-Ndaitwah was speaking at the Swapo Party rally at Otjiwarongo over the weekend.

Nandi-Ndaitwah says that for the country to develop, each regional economic strength or pillar must be identified.

B2Gold Namibia hands over classrooms at Ombili Primary School


Learners of Ombili Primary School at Otjiwarongo are no longer being taught in tents, thanks to B2Gold Namibia, which has built them into a fully-fledged school.

Every year, the education sector faces numerous challenges, especially related to the placement of learners in the primary grades and a lack of proper structure.

At Ombili, where the project school started in 2019, 138 learners who could not find placement were taught in tents.

National debate championship kicks off at Otjiwarongo


Critical thinkers from different schools across the country are taking part in the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund National Debate Championship at Otjiwarongo.

The Namibia Schools Debating Association (NSDA) started last year with a debate championship, though only two regions participated.

This year, through sponsorship by the MVA Fund, the debate championship is back, with all 14 regions taking part.

Learners will debate road safety, which is an issue of interest to all Namibians.