Mariental Municipality scores qualified audit opinion

The Auditor General has issued a qualified opinion to the Mariental Municipality for the year that ended in June 2022.

A qualified audit opinion is issued when financial statements contain material misstatements or omissions.

According to the audit report, the municipality failed to disclose the open lands and leased farmlands in the financial statements.

The Mariental municipality also did not prepare the cash flow statement using the direct method.

However, the municipality disclosed non-cash items in preparing the statement.

INTERVIEW | AG Junias Kandjeke on auditing compliance

The Auditor General, Junias Kandjeke, has questioned why ministers as appointing authorities of boards are not held accountable, as boards are, when they fail to fully execute their mandate in regard to auditing compliance.

In an interview with Business Today, Kandjeke pointed out interference from appointing authorities as another impediment to clean audits at various public institutions.