Agriculture Ministry releases report on cattle deaths in Zambezi Region


The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform has released the findings of an investigation into the mass mortalities of cattle in the Zambezi Region’s Kabe South constituency between June and November last year.

585 cattle, most of them old, pregnant, lactating, or young, died at 23 homesteads and 12 crush pen areas by the end of October.

Over 80% of the cattle visited were found to be in poor bodily condition at the time of the investigation, and poor grazing pastures were observed in most areas visited.

NANTU launches Digital Device Scheme for teachers


The Namibia National Teachers' Union ( NANTU) launched a Digital Device Scheme for teachers in Namibia.

The scheme aims to equip teachers with digital competency skills and integrate ICT into teaching and learning.

At the launch, NANTU, in partnership with GIZ, handed over 200 laptops to teachers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture.

The union's Secretary General, Loide Shaanika, also disclosed that, as part of the initiative, they successfully trained 800 teachers, with a total training value of N$2 million, last year.