Alufea Sampofu School learners advocate for quality education 


Learners at Alufea Sampofu Combined School have emphasized the need for inclusive, quality education in all schools.

They made this call during the commemoration of African Child Day.

The proud learners of Alufea Combined School highlighted the benefits of quality education in achieving their dreams.

They say the days are gone when they were sent to herd cattle and trained to only become wives.

Border communities sensitisation plan launched


A detailed plan targeting communities living along the common border of Namibia and Botswana was launched at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region on Thursday.

The launch of the civil-military cooperation plan marks the beginning of a campaign to sensitise and inform people living along the border of the two countries on how mutual cooperation will be executed.

Launching the initiative, the Namibian Defence and Veteran Affairs Minister, Frans Kapofi, said it is testimony to a shared commitment to peace and security.

Swapo welcomes 500 new members in Kabbe North District


Swapo Party's Central Committee Member Albert Kawana has welcomed 500 new members in Kabbe North District`.

Welcoming the new members, Dr. Kawana reminded them that Swapo did not only fight for the liberation of the country but for the wellbeing of all citizens, irrespective of their background.

He noted that the Zambezi Region has a rich history with the Swapo Party, and they should be on the lookout not to be misled.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Future of Namibians in their hands - Sampofu


Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu was among the first people to register at the Katima Mulilo UNAM campus.

Voter registration started on time without reported challenges at various registration centres in the Zambezi Region.

Alufea Sampofu said that by registering as voters, residents will have a say in who their leaders will be for the next five years.

Former regional manager of Nwanyi FM Radio laid to rest


The former Regional Manager for nbc's Nwanyi FM radio, Muhau Mutonga, was buried today in her home village of Malindi in Kabbe South Constituency.

68-year-old Mutonga, who retired eight years ago, served the corporation for 30 years.

Mutonga joined the Lozi Service, as it was known at the time, as a cadet producer and translator in October 1986, before being promoted to producer in 1995 at the same radio station.

She went through all the ranks until she was promoted to the position of regional manager until her retirement in 2016.

Zambezi residents want original boundary restored


The four traditional authorities in the Zambezi Region and the Regional Council have submitted their final recommendations and proposals for the constituency administrative boundaries and regional boundaries. 

The Mafwe, Mashi, Masubia, and Mayeyi traditional authorities and the Zambezi Regional Council made submissions calling for the Commission to recommend that the boundary for Zambezi be restored. 

Four men arrested for poaching in Sibbinda Constituency


The Ministry of Environment's Anti-Poaching Unit has apprehended four men in the early hours of today near Lusu Village in Sibbinda Constituency, Zambezi Region, for illegal possession of wildlife products.

The four men, all Namibians, were found in possession of two carcasses of wildebeests and one of a buffalo.

The unit also confiscated three hunting rifles that were found in their possession and impounded their vehicle.

It is reported that the animals were poached in the Lake Lyambezi basin.

Man arrested for stealing copper cables


A 38-year-old Namibian man was apprehended by Nshimwe security guards at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region while he was digging for copper cables.

The suspect was handed over to the police, who charged him with theft.

Two other suspects managed to escape arrest.

The NORED Regional Manager for Operations in the Zambezi Region, Sylvester Chaka, who was at the scene, told nbc News that they carried out investigations after realising that the town centre was without power.

Hippos stranded in Chobe-Linyanti River


Hundreds of hippos are stranded and trapped in the mud waters along the Chobe and Linyanti rivers in the Zambezi Region.

The river received low rainfall this year compared to previous years.

Most parts of the Chobe and Linyanti rivers bordering Botswana and Namibia's Zambezi Region have started drying up due to insufficient rainfall.

In previous years, the Chobe River got inflows of flood water; this year, the situation is different. 

Villager's body found in Nkasa-Rupara National Park swamp


The body of a villager from Nongozi was retrieved from a swamp in the Nkasa-Rupara National Park in the Zambezi Region on Tuesday. 

The 29-year-old  Samupwa Lubinda's body was already in a state of early decomposition when it was retrieved. 

According to a police report, Lubinda drowned during a fishing excursion with two other men in the park on Sunday.

It is alleged that when they were busy removing fish from the nets, they saw anti-poaching officials and jumped into the water.