Deactivated SIM card holders demand answers from MTC in Katima Mulilo


SIM card holders whose numbers have been deactivated after registration are seeking answers from MTC in Katima Mulilo.

They claim that their numbers were registered, only to find that their cards seem to have been blocked.

A long queue of both senior citizens and young people was observed in the morning, with many frustrated about their SIM cards not working. 

The majority stated that they had registered with MTC agents who visited their villages last year and did not understand the current disconnection.

Hand grenade kills two family members


Two people died and two remain in critical condition after a hand grenade exploded at their homestead in Lumina village in the Mpacha area on Friday evening.

The family of four, including the father, 34-year-old Kashako Mulatehi, and his three children, Mulatehi Mulatehi, Yamuno Mulatehi, and Lydia Mulatehi, all sustained serious injuries.

14-year-old Yamuno Mulatehi died on the spot, while his 9-year-old sister Lydia Mulatehi died at the Katima Mulilo State Hospital, where they were rushed for medical care.

Absence of CEO compromises service delivery at Bukalo Village Council


The absence of a substantive Chief Executive Officer at Bukalo Village Council over the past years has resulted in alleged maladministration and poor service delivery.

The council's challenges were highlighted by the Chairperson of the Bukalo Village Council's Management Committee, Simataa Mubonda, during a swearing-in ceremony where he was re-elected.

Mubonda says the council continues to operate with a shoe-string budget, resulting in a shortfall in services such as sewer reticulation and town planning.

Zambezi Region will never be a state


Residents of the Judea Lyaboloma Constituency held a demonstration against attempts to secede the Zambezi Region as well as cases of tribalism in the region.

Another such demonstration was held recently by the Bukalo Traditional Authority.

Reading the petition, the group spokesperson, Boniface Makumbi, warned against division and a repeat of secession attempts in the region.

"We want peace, unity, stability, and development, not war. We emerged from a bitter liberation war, and the consequences were death and displacement. We don't want to be refugees."

Nongozi cultural expo aims to bring community together


The Nongozi cultural expo does not only serve as a platform for cultural promotion but also social activities such as sports and beauty pageants that bring people together.

The expo, which has become an annual event, was introduced last year and took place for the second time at Judea Lyaboloma in the Zambezi Region.

The focus was largely on the promotion of traditional items at the Nongozi open market, including food, as a way for residents to benefit from the natural resources around them.

Zambezi Region celebrates Day of the Namibian Child


The Day of the Namibian Child was officially celebrated in the Zambezi Region today.

The 28th of September, declared the national day for the Namibian Child by the Namibian Cabinet in the year 2000, has been celebrated annually and this year under the theme "The rights of the child in a digital environment" at the main event, which took place at Masokotwani in the Sibbinda constituency.

The Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication, and Social Welfare, Doreen Siyoka, stressed the ministry's continued efforts to safeguard Namibian children's overall well-being.

Gender parity causes upset in Zambezi


The Swapo Party regional office in Zambezi was a scene of unhappiness after some members were left upset over the changed outcome of the district elections held last month.

The unhappiness surfaced after a directive to follow the political party's 50-50 gender representation policy following last month's elections for the positions of district information and mobilisation officer, district coordinator, and treasurer in the Katima Mulilo urban district.