SA concludes argument in genocide case against Israel


South Africa concluded its arguments before the International Court of Justice in the case it brought to the court to stop Israel from destroying Gaza and the Palestinian people.

They argued that Israel, through its ongoing 56 years of occupation of Palestinian territory and 16 years of blockade of Gaza, is now hell bent on erasing Gaza to the ground.

The SA team is led by top legal minds in the country, assisted by legal experts from other jurisdictions.

The legal team argued that Israeli leaders' statements are intended to destroy Gaza and its people.

Namibian beef and lamb can now be exported to UAE


The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform (MAWLR) has announced that Namibian beef and lamb can now be exported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar.

The Executive Director in the ministry, Ndiyakupi Ngituwamata, says the ministry has secured markets for export-approved abattoirs both in the northern communal areas (NCAs) and south of the veterinary cordon fence (Red Line).

The NCA export-approved abattoirs can export beef to Qatar, while those south of the Red Line can export beef and lamb to the UAE.