Last week's NFA congress showed signs of maturity - Mwiya

Freddy Mwiya, the Chief Administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, expressed his satisfaction with the recently held NFA Congress in Windhoek.

As one of the observers during the congress, Mwiya commended the participants for their maturity and adherence to the relevant statutes.

He highlighted the importance of having well-defined policies and statutes within an organization to ensure smooth operations, especially during a presidential race like the one between Patrick Kauta and Robert Shimooshili.

We are ready for the NFA Congress - Traut

The Namibia Football Association's Secretary General has announced that all logistics are in place for the upcoming election of a new leadership. The much-awaited congress will mark the replacement of the second Normalization Committee appointed by FIFA.

The election of new leadership in the Namibian Football Association (NFA) holds great importance for the future of football in the country. This event signifies an opportunity for positive transformation and advancement within the organization.