Namdia donates cancer trailer to underprivileged communities


Namdia, in line with its corporate social responsibility drive, has made a significant contribution to Windhoek's underprivileged communities by donating a multipurpose cancer trailer. 

The gesture aligns with the sentiment expressed by the former First Lady during her tribute, emphasising the prioritisation of health initiatives.

Monica Geingos addressed the increasing incidence of cancer during her tribute to her late husband. 

She also noted the significant increase in men seeking cancer screening, following the late President's own battle with the disease.

Late Dr. Hage Geingob remembered as decisive leader


Some who honour the late Dr. Hage Geingob have described the fallen statesmen as a leader who was decisive and would quickly reprimand those who stepped out of line.

Dr. Geingob, on various occasions, publicly showed disdain for corruption, and as chair of the decision-making Cabinet, he held no punches back.

His 2004 doctoral thesis is titled "Promoting Democracy and Good Governance," which reflected the strong values that he stood for when he assumed the highest office in 2015.