Nurses urged to perform duties with love and care


The Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, urged nurses to carry out their work with love, diligence, and care.

Ben Nangombe made the appeal during an early International Nurses Day celebration in the capital. 

Nangombe says the day provides an opportunity for nurses to reflect on how to positively impact and better serve the nation.

He says that back in the day, nurses were regarded as angels and must therefore avoid compromising this notion when it comes to providing health care services.



The Minister of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) says the increase in population has implications for the healthcare system.

Dr. Kalumbi Shangula says the current infrastructure, unlike in the past, cannot handle the increased demand for public healthcare services.

The population of Namibia has grown to just over three million inhabitants in the last twelve years, and with this population increase, so has the demand for social and health needs.

Namibia ranks 11th on TB incidence globally


Despite the relatively low number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in the country, Namibia ranks 11th globally in terms of TB incidence and per capita expenditure on TB treatment. 

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, emphasised that the emergence of multidrug-resistant TB poses a significant health challenge for the country. 

Dr. Shangula made these remarks during the discussion of the Appropriation Bill at the committee stage.