Luderitz businesswoman gifts beauty contestants


Luderitz businesswoman Linda Loose has presented, as a token of appreciation, handcrafted necklaces to each finalist for Miss Teen and Miss Namibia before the crowning ceremonies. 

Loose herself handcrafted the necklaces from semi-precious agate stones. 

The Luderitz Waterfront Development Company CEO, Fluksman Samuehl, received the memorable gifts on behalf of the Miss Teen and Miss Namibia finalists.

Elaine Engelbrecht Crowned Miss Teen 2024


Elaine Engelbrecht was crowned Miss Teen 2024 at a glittering ceremony held at Luderitz last night. 

Winning the Miss Teen title was an overwhelming and emotional moment for 15-year-old Engelbrecht, a student at Centaurus High School.

Caitlin Bosman is the first runner-up, while Queen Sheya was named the second runner-up.

Engelbrecht says she will begin implementing advocacy initiatives and getting ready for the Miss Teen International 2025 competition. 

St John Mission remembers Archbishop Petrus Tjijombo


Family, friends, and members of St. John Faith Mission Church gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the passing of the late Archbishop Petrus Tjijombo in Windhoek. 

The commemoration was a joyous one, supported by brass band performances and choirs from various churches. 

The late Tjijombo died on June 16, 2023, at his residence in Katutura.

Those in attendance described the late as a God-fearing man of all seasons, brave, principled, and good at inspiring people in many aspects of their lives—a father figure in society.

Stakeholders hold border control meeting


The Directorate of Immigration and Border Control for the Oshikoto, Ohangwena, and Omusati regions is meeting in the Ohangwena Region to assess and identify possible additional entry points for gazetting. 

Also in attendance are officials from the Ohangwena Regional Council, the Namibian Police, and the Roads Fund Administration, among other stakeholders. 

There are observations of an increase in the movements of people and trading through ungazatted points in the Ohangwena Region to and from southern Angola.

Kaguni villagers receive drought relief aid


Residents of the Kavango West Region have been coming out in numbers to receive their monthly drought relief food. 

Our news team paid a visit to Kaguni Village in the Kapako Constituency and caught up with some beneficiaries. 

The aid consists of two 12.5 kg bags of unsifted maize meal, one 1.5 kg packet of beef, and a 750 ml bottle of cooking oil.

This is the drought relief food meant to nourish one household for at least a month. 

35-year-old Victoria Tjilombo, who has a disability, is an unemployed mother of three. 

Kavango West Region prepares for new Civic Affairs Office


The Kavango West Region will soon have its own improved Civic Affairs Office.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security has plans in the pipeline to construct a regional civic affairs office at Nkurenkuru.

Since the 2013 demarcation, the Kavango West Region still depends on Kavango East for some government services.

Currently, the region has a Civic Affairs Office that does not offer all the required services. 

The office is also understaffed, contributing to the high number of undocumented people in the region.

MIT teams up with Team Namibia for economic growth


The Ministry of Industrialization and Trade (MIT) has signed an agreement with Team Namibia to promote common goals such as industrialization, trade, economic development, and entrepreneurship in Namibia.

The MOU is aimed at establishing a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the two.

The Executive Director of the Ministry of Industrialization and Trade, Sikingo Haihambo, said that their mandate and goals are intertwined with those of Team Namibia and that the MOU could not have come at a better time.