Namibia, Botswana tackle corrupt acts


Bribery and theft of assets from the government are among the corrupt acts that need to be addressed in Namibia and Botswana.

Namibia's Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Botswana's Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) have convened a two-day meeting to, among others, tackle identified gaps in combating corruption in both countries following a signed agreement in 2021.

Call for fisheries law amendment amid fishrot scandal study launch


The Walvis Bay Rural Constituency Councillor believes corruption in the fishing industry will continue if the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act is not amended.

Tegako Donatus is adamant that the current fisheries law gave birth to the biggest corruption scandal in the country.

Donatus made the remarks at the launch of a study on the severe human impact of the fishrot scandal at Walvis Bay.

According to him, Namibians become too emotional when dealing with the scandal and have failed to address the root causes of corruption in the industry.

Lack of ownership by institutions is a weakness in fighting corruption- Shilongo


The Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) says one of the key weaknesses in fighting corruption is the lack of ownership by institutions to implement recommendations after a corruption risk assessment was carried out by the corruption buster.

Tylvas Shilongo, therefore, says there is a need to develop a national framework on corruption risk management that will serve as a guide for key stakeholders in Namibia in managing corruption risks.

Corruption erodes trust - Erongo Governor


Speaking at the ACC Song Competition, Erongo Governor Neville Andre says corruption has, for far too long, cost Namibia both economically and socially and eroded trust.

Although Namibia's score remained unchanged at 49 on the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index, the country actually fell one spot to 59 on the global indicator of public sector corruption.

The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.

Civil society plays a crucial role in fighting corruption - Abrahams


The Junior Consultant at the Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID), Ayaka Abrahams, has highlighted the role civil society plays in aiding the government in the fight against corruption in Namibia.

Abrahams said this at the launch of the Anti-Corruption Song Competition.

Ayaka Abrahams noted that civil society plays a crucial role in complementing government efforts to fight corruption.

Lack of accessible health care services a great concern - Venaani


Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani says poverty, corruption, and a lack of accessible health care services in the country need urgent interventions.

He was speaking at a PDM rally in Rundu over the weekend.

Venaani stated that PDM will galvanise efforts to develop and introduce a comprehensive and effective healthcare system.

He says the party will focus on health promotion and community health, which will eventually lead to physical and mental well-being.

Higher Education comes to Minister's defence on S&T allowances


AR Activist Dr Job Amupanda continues to release information revealing S&T allowances that were allegedly paid irregularly to the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi.

In its response, the ministry said there was nothing untoward in the payment of these international daily subsistance allowances.

Dr Job Amupanda has published on his social media pages proof of payment, which he claims was made to the minister, for trips that were already funded by international partners.

Parents at Omitara demonstrate against alleged corrupt activities at Otjivero Combined School


Concerned parents from Omaheke Region's Omitara settlement held a demonstration against alleged corrupt activities at Otjivero Combined School.

The concerned parents had a list of allegations ranging from a drop in academic performance and unprofessionalism from the school staff to mismanaging school funds.

The parents are also calling for the removal of the school principal.

Gobabis residents demand suspension of municipal workers allegedly implicated in corrupt activities


Some residents of Gobabis are demanding the suspension of municipal workers who are allegedly implicated in corrupt activities without pay.

A court order issued last month indicated that eight employees who were suspended two years ago must be reinstated because they were suspended unprocedurally.

These are Frieda Uitele, John Endjala, Fillemon Makili, Johannes Nantuua, Ashipala Shilemba, Veinona Steyn, Paul Kayambu, and Kondjeni Nghiwanapo.

Summary on the Fishrot case to date


The Fishrot scandal, in which a number of prominent personalities are implicated, has continued to make headlines since it was exposed in 2019.

Those accused in the matter are said to have misappropriated close to half a billion dollars.

The men implicated are two former Cabinet ministers, a former board chairperson, and directors.

All of the suspects are accused of running schemes to get control of government fishing quotas, such as those held by the state fishing company, Fishcor, worth millions of dollars.