Economist Mally Likukela warns of social protection slant towards elderly

Local economist Mally Likukela says that even though Namibia's investment in social protection is relatively high, assistance is largely geared toward the elderly.

The economist says it's about time the country looked into prioritizing the fastest-growing age group, the youngsters.

Old age, disability, veterans, foster care grants, child maintenance, and vulnerability grants are just some of the more than 30 social programs considered to be instruments of social protection to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities.

Levels of inequality in Namibia are cause for concern - Likukela

The levels of inequality in Namibia are a cause for concern.

This is the view of Mally Likukela, an economist at Twilight Capital, commenting on the recent report of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. 

Likukela says the gap between the rich and the poor has various dimensions, such as gender, where females are more disproportionately on the lower side.

He cited as an example the regional dimension, where inequality is quite rapid.