Gobabis residents face water rationing amid nationwide water scarcity


The lack of water is being felt almost nationwide.

Due to poor rainfall in the catchments, Gobabis residents will now experience water rationing.

This has affected water sources like Otjivero Dam, which supplies water to Gobabis.

The municipality and NamWater have been left with no other choice but to control the water supply, starting on April 8, 2024, until further notice.

Okahandja Municipality unveils five-year strategic plan


In an effort to improve the lives of Okahandja residents, the town's municipality has launched a five-year strategic plan.

The strategic plan aims to provide basic and affordable service to residents, and accelerate land and housing delivery as well as water provision to the residents. 

The plan includes granting 5,000 families security of tenure, while 705 families will receive erven.

In addition, it will also bring infrastructure and institutional development.

Swakopmund mayoral development fund aids schools


The Swakopmund Municipality, through the Mayoral Development Fund, has donated N$200,000 to all schools in Swakopmund.

Mayor Dina Namubes believes education is an important tool to eradicate poverty.

The donation was handed over at a ceremony attended by all the beneficiary schools.

Swakopmund has 20 public and private schools.

Over the year, the Mayoral Fund donated N$1,000 to each of the schools, which is to become an annual contribution to the awarding of the best performers.

Hunt for new Outjo CEO in its final stages


The hunt for a new Chief Executive Officer to head the Outjo Municipality is in its final stages.

This was confirmed by the current CEO, Josef |Urib, who initially retired in December 2022 but was given an extension to run the council until a new top official is appointed.

|Urib's extended contract was done at the request of the local authority councillors, who opted to have him stay on for a smooth handover when a new CEO is appointed.

|Urib has served the council for over 25 years.

Swakopmund community urged to donate to soup kitchens


The Swakopmund Municipality has appealed to the public to donate food and other items to local soup kitchens instead of people who beg on the streets.

This, it says, will get people off the streets and better cared for.

Speaking at a safety interaction meeting, the Chairperson of the Swakopmund Residents Association, John Hopkins, says giving money to the children who beg on the streets encourages them to continue the trend.

About 15 minor children are currently begging on several street corners in the coastal town.

Otjiwarongo Single Quarter residents not happy with municipality's decongestion plan


Residents living in the Otjiwarongo Single Quarters are still at loggerheads with the municipality over the implementation of the decongestion plan.

Since the beginning of the year, residents and the council have been at loggerheads, following a  decision to decongest the overcrowded single-quarters units in the town.

The plans to decongest the units means improving the living conditions of residents by relocating them to either the Kamp 5 or Saamstaan settlements.

Landless Swakopmund residents stage demonstration


A group of landless Swakopmund residents staged a demonstration, demanding fairness in the delivery of land at the town.

The group marched to the municipal offices, where they delivered a petition.

In the petition, residents called on the Swakopmund Municipality to allocate them land where they can set up their formal structures as well as provide affordable houses to its residents.