Landless Swakopmund residents stage demonstration

A group of landless Swakopmund residents staged a demonstration, demanding fairness in the delivery of land at the town.

The group marched to the municipal offices, where they delivered a petition.

In the petition, residents called on the Swakopmund Municipality to allocate them land where they can set up their formal structures as well as provide affordable houses to its residents.

Mariental residents unhappy with brown water

Mariental residents are complaining about the brown color of the water in the town, which they fear could pose a health risk.

According to Werner Von Watsdorf, a resident, the situation has been going on since the end of October last year. "We're dealing with a dirty drinking water situation; I'm not talking about slight cloudiness; I'm talking about dirty, unpurified, muddy water. Now, despite many meetings and discussions with the municipality and with NamWater, nothing has happened."

Residents Must Stop Illegal Electrical Connections

The municipality of Swakopmund has cautioned its residents to desist from illegal electrical connections and put out candles before they leave home or go to bed.

Nineteen people were left homeless after their shacks burned to the ground in Mondesa, near Swakopmund, on Monday.

The department of works from the Swakopmund municipality was on site to clear the area while the offices of the Chief Executive Officer and the Mayor handed out food, mattresses, blankets, clothes, and other basic necessities to those affected by the fire.

Swakopmund Municipality upgrades DRC fire station

The Municipality of Swakopmund has upgraded the fire station at the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC) informal settlement in order to shorten response times in the event of a fire incident. 

The municipality introduced a 24-hour shift system in 2020, allowing the fire brigade unit to run continuously and ensuring that firefighters respond as quickly as possible to fire outbreaks.

In addition, the council introduced regular patrols, particularly in areas prone to fire, with the goal of responding as soon as an emergency call came in.

Most office bearers at Otjiwarongo Municipality, Otavi Town Council retain their positions

Most office-bearers in the Otjiwarongo Municipality and Otavi Town Council retained their positions.

Kandiwapa Shivute and Isaac !Hoaeb retained their positions as mayors of Otjiwarongo and Otavi, respectively.

Otjiwarongo council, with seven seats, is led by Swapo councillors, followed by opposition parties with one seat each.
Shivute is to be deputized by Julienda Kampungu. While Gothard Hoko was elected Chairperson of the Management Committee.

Keetmanshoop Municipality workers demonstrate against council's treatment to some employees

A group of Keetmanshoop Municipality workers is accusing the council of giving preferential treatment to some employees.

They staged a demonstration in the town, led by the Namibia Public Workers Union (NAPWU).

The protestors singled out the municipality's acting CEO, Hansina Isaacks, as one of those favored by the council, as well as members affiliated with the Namibia Local Authorities Workers Union.

Swakopmund Municipality confiscates 70 bags of rotten mangos from Zambia

The municipality of Swakopmund, through their health inspector, confiscated 70 bags containing 50 kilograms of rotten mangos after a truck was pulled over by police officers at the roadblock.

The rotten bags of mangos were transported from Zambia to Walvis Bay.

nbc News spoke to the Swakopmund municipality's health services and solid waste management manager, Abel Kationdorozu, who confirmed that the mangos are unfit for human consumption.

Kationdorozu says eating spoiled or toxic food can lead to food poisoning, which will lead to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Walvis Bay Municipality willing to assist fishing companies to build houses for their workers

Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes says the municipality is willing to assist fishing companies that want to build houses for their workers.

Workers' unions in the fishing industry and the Erongo Governor have repeatedly called on fishing companies to build houses for their workers.

This call was re-iterated at the Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister's annual address at Walvis Bay.

Forbes revealed that it is cumbersome for the council to get the permission needed to create new townships as there is no land available at the harbor town.