British High Commissioner gives context about Namibian asylum seekers

The British High Commissioner to Namibia, Charles Moore, says the leaked communication on Namibian asylum seekers in the United Kingdom contained inaccuracies and a lack of understanding of the country's asylum system.

Moore was speaking on the nbc's Good Morning Namibia show to put the situation of Namibian asylum seekers in context after the UK government rejected their applications.

Namibians in the UK face deportation

A great number of Namibians have gone to the UK over the years under the guise of seeking asylum. But soon, over 90% of Namibian asylum seekers in the United Kingdom will soon be deported back to Namibia.

The British High Commissioner to Namibia, Charles Moore has reached out to the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation proposing that the two Governments collaborate in working out ways on how to facilitate the process.

Victims of failed trip to UK organised by Councillor Katjaimo still depressed and disappointed

Victims of the failed trip to the United Kingdom organized by the Regional Councilor of Katutura Central Rodman Katjaimo are still depressed and disappointed.

nbc News spoke to Ivone Tjisemo and Tjijandjeua Hukununa two of the more than 100 alleged victims who spent more than N$55 000 on the Birmingham dream trip. 

The young women had their parents sell cattle in the hope of traveling to the UK on a six months visa and finding employment that could have changed their lives.

Many dreams were allegedly sold to them by Katjaimo, including longer-stay visas.