The community of Ngwangwa in the Kavango West Region now has easy access to service, thanks to the North, South, West Fishing Company, which provided a pedestrian brigde.

Before the pedestrian bridge, residents used to walk at least 20 kilometers to Rundu for different services among others schools and health facilities. 

With the provision of this N$361,000 pedestrian bridge, residents will no longer have to cross the river and pay N$50 for transport.

North, South, West Fishing Company-NOSOWE Representative James Sankwasa says it is an investment worth this kind of infrastructure.

"People might think NOSOWE gets a lot of fishing quotas which is why it had money to assist the community. I want to tell you right here and now that each of these five companies receives only 200 metric tons so together five companies have only 1000 metrics tons, so why did we have to proceed despite that we don't have money to do it we said and convinced our shareholders that for this year let us sacrifice our shareholding our own money that was supposed to come as shares. "

Officially handing over the bridge was Secretary General of the Swapo Party Sophia Shaningwa.

" Development to our people shall not discriminate, therefore this bridge that we are about to inaugurate today as a contribution by the sponsor will be utilized by all the community that resides here at Ngwangwa or in Ngwangwa Residential area and the vicinity."

Receiving the bridge on behalf of the villagers was Headwoman Kalina Kamana Ngunga who said their lives have been made easier.

There were other two bridges prior to this one, but they did not last long.

" In the old days, this river did not exist, we only experienced standing water during rainy seasons and after the rainy season the water dries up, at that time I was schooling at Sauyemwa, and we use to remove our school uniforms and cross the river, we use to carry containers of water and wash our legs after we have crossed, we really suffered, I am really happy, we were sad that we did not have an easy root to town but now I am very happy, thank you very much Mr James Sankwasa, the district coordinator and everyone that took part into this development of this Bridge. "

It is Ngunga's hope that the bridge can be expanded to accommodate cars because it is currently difficult to get to the hospital in case of emergencies.

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Elizabeth Mwengo