According to a 2022 report by the International Federation of Professional Footballers, only 18% of female football players across the world can truly be registered as professionals.  

As per FIFA definition, this means that these players have written contracts and are paid for their work as well as the expenses they incur.

The impact of COVID-19 has disturbed all sports ecosystems by having slashed revenue of sports activities, club and teams. 

In line with this, and in view of additional hindrances, women are often exposed to exploitative contracts and conditions of training. In some cases, challenges in recent years have seen the extinction of women's teams and leagues altogether.

Namibia's Brave Gladiators face the same challenges as their fellow players around the world, as the institutions that are supposed to ensure their wellbeing and the progression of the sport are headed by individuals who, at times, do not understand sports and its importance. 

Brave Gladiators Thomalina Adams and Annouscka Kordom recently spoke out about the conditions  they train under.

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Stephanie Constantin


Julia Nekwaya