In a dramatic turn of events, the non-title fight between WBO Welterweight Champion Charles "Super Shine" Shinima and Angolan boxer Hendriques Lando ended in controversy on Saturday evening.

The two fighters had been going at it for several rounds, with Shinima appearing to have the upper hand, but Lando was not backing down.

In the 5th round, Lando hit Shinima with a powerful punch that sent him stumbling. As Shinima was trying to regain his footing,

Lando followed up with a head-butt that knocked Shinima to the ground just before the bell went off.

Despite the fact that Shinima had been leading on points, the referee declared him the winner by disqualification, much to the disappointment of the fans in attendance. Many felt that Lando had been the better fighter and deserved to win.

After the fight, Lando and his corner were clearly upset by the decision.

Commentator Prince Naindjala explained the judges’ decision.

The controversy surrounding the fight is sure to generate plenty of discussion in the boxing circles with many fans and analysts questioning the referee's decision while some saying the decision was in line with the boxing rules.

Regardless of the outcome, both Shinima and Lando showed tremendous heart and determination in the ring, and it is clear that they are both among the top fighters in their weight class Boxing.



Victorine Kaaronda