A conference on understanding nutrition, wellness, and neuroscience to optimize performance in sport and business took place at the Dome High Performance Center In Swakopmund over the weekend.

The conference was presented by guest speaker, Prof Peet du Toit, an Associate Professor in Physiology at the University of Pretoria.

The conference was attended by medical professionals, coaches, athletes, researchers, and educators, all interested in learning about the latest tools and techniques to help them achieve their goals.

The theme of the conference was "Understanding Nutrition, Wellness, and Neuroscience to Optimize Performance in Sport and Business."

During the conference, Prof Peet du Toit spoke on "A Wellness Way of Life," in which he emphasized the importance of a healthy lifestyle in achieving high performance in both sport and business.

He discussed the benefits of good nutrition, exercise, and proper sleep in optimizing performance.

Frans-Anthonie Gerber, a neuroscience expert, spoke on "High-Performance Thinking in Sport - the Neuroscience Way." He explained how the brain works during high-pressure situations and how athletes can use this knowledge to their advantage to improve their performance.

T'neil young, a fitness expert, spoke on "Brain Gym Fitness: Why x How = What." She explained how exercise can improve cognitive function and help individuals achieve their goals by increasing mental clarity, focus, and productivity.

The conference also addressed the importance of mental toughness and goal-setting, two essential elements for high-level training in both sport and business. Attendees left the conference equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques to optimize their performance in their respective fields.

Overall, the conference was a great success in educating the attendees on the importance of understanding nutrition, wellness, and neuroscience in achieving high performance in sport and business.

With the knowledge gained from this conference, attendees can now go on to achieve their goals at the highest level possible.




Breschneff Katjaimo