The Namibia Investment Promotion and Facilitation Bill, if unchanged, will see the introduction of compliance officers to ensure that businesses operate within the confines of the laws.

Speaking at the stakeholders' engagement at Keetmanshoop, the Minister of Trade and Industrialization, Lucia Iipumbu, explained the benefits that come with the bill once it becomes law, as well as the National Consumer Policy and the Liquor Act.

"This Bill is going to bring on board now the specific business inspectors, which we do not have; as of now, there is nobody going to our business operators, especially those that you complain about; I don't want to mention them, but you know which category they're in; we would now want to bring these people on board to be based in offices like Kisting's office so that they would go and do the actual inspection and determine whether the operators are within the law as per requirement.

Regional Development Planners within the ministry, says Iipumbu, would be converted into compliance officers.

She explains that all the planning for the ministry is done at the head office, so regional planners basically have minimal tasks to carry out.

Also speaking at the event was ||Kharas Regional Council Chairperson Joseph Isaack, "We are all aware that our country is a small, open country, and it requires all stakeholders to work together, educate one another, and share ideas to develop our country on all spheres of the business spectrum so it can be at the level we all aspire to be as a country."



Luqman Cloete