Churches and community members in the Zambezi Region staged a demonstration against same-sex marriage.

Demonstrators in the Zambezi Region carried placards with various messages denouncing same-sex marriages and expressing their opposition to abortion.

The messages on the placards included statements such as "No to same-sex marriage in Namibia" and "We say no to homosexuality."

The demonstrators expressed their disagreement with the ruling made by four out of the five Supreme Court judges. They firmly believe that same-sex marriage is not in line with Namibian values and should not be accepted.

They emphasised that their stance is rooted in their religious beliefs, citing that the Bible does not support same-sex marriages.

They believe that God created individuals as male and female for a specific purpose and that this design should be respected.

The petition expressing their concerns and opposition was read aloud by Pastor Nora Mwanamwali during the demonstration.

Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu commended the demonstrators for conducting themselves in an orderly manner.

Despite the relatively low turnout, Sampofu acknowledged the significance of the message, which he says represents the sentiments of the community in the region.

The governor assured the demonstrators that their petition would be forwarded to the relevant authorities for consideration.

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