Vice President Nangolo Mbumba visited the Ombonde-Omapale water booster and underground reservoir located in the Ompundja Constituency of the Oshana Region.

The government constructed the multi-million-dollar water infrastructure at a cost of N$23 million in 2019.

The 2,440-cubic-metre water reservoir has significantly improved water supply to various water points in three constituencies that previously experienced low water pressure.

The station is equipped with three pumps, two of which operate simultaneously to meet the water demand, while the third serves as a reserve.

The Vice President's next stop was at Oponona Natural Lake, a water catchment area that traditionally provided water to thousands of livestock in the Uuvudhiya Constituency.

Unfortunately, due to inadequate rainfall this year, Oponona Lake has dried up, and farmers were forced to relocate their livestock due to the lack of water.

The Vice President concluded his trip with a meeting with farmers in Engombe.

Jason Emvula, President of the Namibia National Farmers Union, highlighted the devastating impact of the 2018–2019 drought on livestock in the northern regions.

During that period, the number of cattle north of the red line decreased from 1,7 million to the current figure of 1,2 million. 

This year, poor rainfall led to another drought, posing a threat to livestock due to the lack of sufficient grazing.

Emvula urged the government to support farmers in establishing beef canning facilities to enable the exportation of Namibian beef to international markets.



Tonateni Haimbodi