The PDM leader has also shown support for the rights of the LGBTQI community, saying that though his party's policy stance does not support the formalisation of same-sex marriages, those who identify remain a part of the country's society.

Venaani further says that Namibia is a liberal country, and harsh policies to punish the gay community have no place in Namibia.

'We must be very cautious and very careful, even if we do not support the formalisation of gay marriages, the disparaging remarks made by politicians are not necessary, we do not support clauses in Jerry's bill, that says you want to punish someone, how are you going to punish someone that is doing things in his or her bedroom and those are the rights that we are going to champion for, and we are not going to allow a situation where we will have Museveni's bills in this country, the minute you have a clause that says that all those who practise should be punished, that clause with my considered view will not pass the test of the constitution, when we are passing Bills, we must make sure even if we do not support same sex marriages, we will not allow them to be attacked, a whole member of parliament attacking the gays saying, we are warning you, a whole MP standing up and asking a minister, are you a man wo a woman, we cannot allow".



Emil Xamro Seibeb