The University of Namibia's Southern Campus Director, Dr. Seth Eiseb, urged students to continue being tolerant towards other cultures.

Eiseb, who made the remarks during the opening of the annual UNAM Cultural Festival at Keetmanshoop, says that the event aims to foster unity and promote good cultural practises and traditional values that should be emulated by all.

"I encourage our respective campus management, student representative's council, and other leadership structures of our beautiful Southern Campus to take the lead to educate staff and students to embrace cultural tolerance in all spheres of campus life, but also not just at the Southern Campus. How we behave and carry ourselves in Keetmanshoop must reflect the values that we want to lay down from the university perspective."

Shafishuuna Silvanus is a member of the organising committee for the festival.

"As we stand here today, let us also acknowledge the responsibility that comes with celebrating culture. Just as it unites us, culture has the power to divide if misunderstood or misappropriated. Let us pledge to engage with one another's cultures with respect, curiosity, and open hearts, appreciating the complexities that define each unique heritage."

The 2023 Unam Cultural Festival is celebrated under the theme "Embracing Our Roots, Enriching Our Future".

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Petrina Tutumina Johannes


Natangwe Jimmy