The Mayor of Swakopmund, Dina Namubes, says informal trading plays a crucial role in fostering local economic development.

Namubes further highlighted its substantial impact as a catalyst for combating poverty and unemployment in rural areas.

She said this during the reopening of the Kavita Arts and Craft Park.

Kavita Park is strategically located at the heart of Swakopmund town, flanked by hotels and guesthouses, for the local community to exhibit their products to tourists.

This arts and crafts park holds the promise of enhancing economic growth and inspiring a greater number of informal traders in rural regions.

"Previously, there was a wall that made the market a bit isolated, and the tourists didn't feel safe moving behind the wall. There is a bus terminal and parking area, making it easy for tourist buses to park next to the market. There has been a sitting bench provided, creating a more relaxing and attractive environment for the vendor and visitors. New ablution facility for tourists and the public, addressing the need for public toilets around the park and beach area. There is also a space for the Tourism Information Office, which will serve as a one-stop information centre for all relevant information for tourists," said Namubes.

This development marks the realisation of a long-awaited aspiration for local traders.



Stefan |Uirab