A dark cloud of grief hangs over the royal house of the |Khomanin, after the murder of the customary heir to the |Khomanin traditional throne.

Armando Gawa!nab fell victim to an armed robbery. He died after a fatal gunshot wound on Monday.

It is a sad moment for Gaos Juliane Gawa!nas and her household.

Her firstborn and heir to the chieftaincy of the |Khomanin Clan died at the hands of armed robbers at a local hotel in Windhoek.

He was an armed response security officer.

The 28-year-old Armando Gawa!nab, is described as a dedicated young man, one who was actively involved in the affairs of the youth of the |Khomanin community.

Spokesperson of the |Khomanin Traditional Authority, Walter Haseb, says the sudden death of their traditional crown prince has left a void in the community.

"The pain of his death is felt throughout the entire |Khomanin community. He was next in line to become chief; we have so many questions. A young man who had a vision and duty to his people has been robbed of his life." 

Gawa!nab was married and the father of five children. His wife, Hazel Gawa!nas says she is still coming to terms with the shocking news of his untimely death.

"The news of my husband's death was unexpected; it is as if a rug has been pulled from under my feet. I am going through too many emotions at the moment. Aramando was a father and a husband; he was our provider."

It was on Monday, at about four o'clock in the early morning hours, when three men allegedly entered the hotel establishment and approached the receptionist, pointing two guns at the hotel employee and forcing him to open the safe.

The receptionist managed to press the panic button, and when the robbers left the hotel, a security armed response official from Trephcor Armed Response was outside.  

That official was Gawa!nab.

Gunfire exchange ensued, wounding Gawa!nab in the process. 

He drove himself to the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

His employer described him as a hero and informed nbc News that Gawa!nab would receive a befitting funeral.

The death of Aramando Gawa!nab is a double tragedy for the |Khomanin Gaos, Juliane Gawa!nas, who, prior to her son's death, was in the process of making arrangements for the funeral of her sister this coming weekend.

She received the news of her son's death through social media.

"It was shocking. I received many calls from people telling me about the news of his death. To this day, no police officer has come to us to inform us what transpired on Monday; we only read on social media. Perhaps the police could re-look at their policies on how they make such information public before informing the family."

The Namibian police have arrested one suspect in the murder of the |Khomanin prince, while two are on the run.

The police have requested assistance in tracing the whereabouts of Martin Shikongo and Steven Dumeni, two other individuals suspected of being involved in the crime.

On Thursday, national police spokesperson and deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi released a picture of Aluvilu Edisson, also known as Dickson. 

He is named as the fourth suspect.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects' whereabouts is requested to contact the nearest police station.

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Emil Xamro Seibeb