Stakeholders in road safety are working to ensure that roads are safe for all by setting up checkpoints along the major roads.

One such control point is on the Swakopmund-Henties Bay route.

The Road Traffic Check Points will focus on examining vehicle conditions, ensuring drivers are sober, and identifying individuals with outstanding warrants of arrest.

Out of a sample of over 50 vehicles and drivers screened, it was found that two drivers were under the influence of alcohol, indicating a 4% prevalence of alcohol impairment. However, a significant majority of 96% demonstrated compliance with sober driving. This highlights the importance of continued efforts to enforce road safety measures and discourage intoxicated driving during the festive season.
The authorities have emphasised that their primary goal is to prevent accidents and save lives. 

By doing the right thing and following traffic rules and regulations, everyone can contribute to a safer and happier festive season.



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