Angola's ruling party and a sister liberation movement, the MPLA, has added their voice of sympathy to its Namibian counterpart, the Swapo Party, following the untimely death of Namibian Leader Dr. Hage Geingob.

The MPLA, in a statement, says it is saddened by the death of Geingob.

It says the late President Geingob was an icon of the liberation struggle and a national symbol who dedicated himself with total availability and a spirit of sacrifice, especially in defence of the ideals that guided the long process of the struggle to achieve Namibia's independence.

The MPLA lauds Dr. Geingob as a respected politician who was at the forefront of Namibian nationalism.

The party urges all Angolan nationals to allow themselves a moment of spiritual reflection in honour of the Swapo leader.

The Angolan Ambassador to Namibia, Jovelina Imperial e Costa, shares Namibia's pain due to the ties the two countries share.  

"It is a very sad situation for us Angolans because we lost a man of immeasurable qualities; we lost a fighter for our country, for the rights of Namibia and Africa. It is a pain that we cannot express, and we say that the pain of the Namibian people is that of the Angolan people, due to the ties that unite us, which are bonds of friendship, solidarity, brotherhood, and even family ties. So we are in the same pain, and we show solidarity with the Namibian people."



Lahia Hatutale