Namibia's cancer rate remains high, calling for a more decentralised approach to improve oncology services.

Namibia currently does not have adequate equipment and machines to treat cancer for state patients.

The current cobalt 60 machine used for radiation therapy has reached its life span and is not operational.

A lack of sufficient oncology services in other regions has also caused backlogs, leaving many patients who travel to Windhoek for treatment frustrated.

The Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, echoed that cobalt sources manufactured in Canada are expected to be installed next month.

This will ease the burden on the state and speed up treatment.

Nangombe stated that there is a need to strengthen and expand cancer services. 

Nangombe further announced plans to establish a cancer treatment facility at Oshakati and procure specialised equipment.

He says the government remains committed and will continue to assist all patients who may require cancer treatment.

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Namibia Economist


Celma Ndhikwa