The War Veterans Association in the Otjozondjupa Region emphasises the importance of realising the green hydrogen initiative championed by the late President Hage Geingob.

Vetungua Kauari, speaking on behalf of the regional members, stated that the elders fully support the green hydrogen project, which is intended to benefit all Namibian citizens.

Kauari made these statements during his speech at the Otjozondjupa regional memorial service held in honour of Dr. Geingob at Mokati Stadium in Otjiwarongo.

Kauari further expressed that, despite initial opposition from many, including the elders and some individuals, Geingob's vision for green hydrogen must be acknowledged.

Namibia, with its small population and abundant resources, has the potential to significantly improve its standard of living if these resources are managed effectively.

Additionally, Kauari emphasised that the elders strongly advocate for Geingob's message to combat corruption, tribalism, and other societal problems. According to him, Geingob fought against corruption, promoted unity, and advocated for a unified Namibian identity, suggesting that embracing these values would lead to a brighter future.

Furthermore, fellow veterans highlighted Geingob's heroic life and emphasised that his legacy should be preserved for future generations to recognise him as an exceptional statesman.

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