Police in the Oshana Region have kicked off with a promotion operation conducted by officers who were recently promoted and aimed at reducing crime and enhancing public safety.

The operation is carried out by around 500 officers.

Commissioner Naftal Lungameni Sakaria says Oshana recorded a high number of rape incidents, and the majority of suspects are people close to the victims. Hence the need for the police to be more visible in the community.

The police are also concerned about issues including scamming, dealing in illicit goods, and the smuggling of fuel and drugs.

Oshana residents have been complaining that police focus more on roadblocks than on those individuals who terrorise communities. 

"That is why we run this operation to make sure that there is safety for people to move at night. The responsibility is also on individuals. We must know our environment and where we live or operate. It is safe to go out at midnight alone with cellphones and money on you. We must ask ourselves these questions."

Commissioner Sakaria called on people to be vigilant, saying they should not make it easy for would-be criminals to commit crime.

He warned people to refrain from walking around at night while carrying valuable goods.

People found in possession of goods without proof of ownership risk these items being confiscated.

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Tonateni Haimbodi