A group of young residents in Otjinene, Omaheke Region, has embarked on a leather project with the aim of empowering themselves and creating jobs for residents.

The group is focusing more on making leather shoes, seat covers, and saddles.

The Vice Chairperson of the Otjinene Youth Enterprise, Kapukire Upendura, stated that the project started off very well in 2021, producing a number of quality products.

Upendura added that, due to increasing market demands for leather products in the area, limited machinery also hinders their progress. 

The vice chairperson made it known that additional technical expertise is also needed as some members recently joined the project. 

"The biggest challenge is that we need extra equipment, and the machines we have at present are not even enough because they limit us to only one person to use them. For example, when we are using many pairs, it forces one person not to do anything, so we are in need."

Despite the above-mentioned challenges, the target is to get more local young people into the project, said Upendura. 

On his part, a regional youth officer at Otjinene, Jefta Mbuende, acknowledged that indeed, the leather project is making some strides. 

Mbuende added that through the line ministry, they are working tirelessly to assist the youth with the required training, among other needs. 

"Currently, the ministry is having a discussion with Gobabis Cosdec about the training of ten young people to be trained, like for a period of six months for them to get basic training for leather production to enhance their skills, but otherwise, this is a start; it will take time; it will be an ongoing thing; it's not a one-day thing but a process."

Furthermore, the Youth Officer also highlighted the need for a proper youth incubation centre in the constituency in the near future, and the ministry is working on the matter. 



Ngarije Kavari