Healthcare services in the Kavango East Region are unable to cater to the region's population growth. 

Kavango East Governor, Bonifatius Wakudumo, says health facilities are crumbling under pressure, not only from locals but also from patients needing treatment from neighbouring Angola. 

The region is vast, and locals who can afford it are sometimes forced to travel long distances for medical care, but for the unfortunate majority, it is a different story. 

In March, four minors from Livayi village died of suspected food poisoning. 

The family could not afford transport costs; the road was inaccessible, and the nearest health facility was 60 kilometres away. 

"There are still emergencies that continue to arise. The recent Livayi tragedy is a testimony in terms of distance and poor road conditions. There is a need to increase and improve health facilities and the road network in the region to ensure timely access to healthcare services in our communities."

Wakudumo adds that "Kavango East's population has increased from 152,000 during the 2011 census to 218,421 during the 2023 general census. This data indicates a population increase that needs healthcare services and developmental needs in the region. Similarly, we should also bear in mind that our healthcare facilities across the region do also cater for our brothers and sisters across the Kavango River in Kwando Cubango province within Angola."

 The Minister of Health, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, also expressed his concern about the increase in malaria cases countrywide, saying that in the last three months alone, over 6,000 malaria cases were reported. 

"The number of hospitalised cases and deaths reported so far has more than doubled, compared to what was reported during the same period last year. There are 630 admissions and 15 deaths this year, compared to 287 admissions and 6 deaths, respectively, last year. This is a source of concern to me, and we must do more to address this situation and reduce the number of cases and deaths in our country."

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