The challenge of skill-mix imbalance remains a concern for the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS).

Minister Kalumbi Shangula pointed out that this shortage of health professionals in the labour market is the cause of the imbalance.

The shortage is in the areas of optometrists, cardiologists, dieticians, speech therapists, sonographers, prostheticians, and psychologists, among others.

Minister Shangula also highlighted the issue of a lack of funding to train and study in those fields.

The Health Ministry conducted verification and validation of staff establishments to identify gaps, and develop, and submit the 2024–2025 and 2025–2026 recruitment plans.

Budget allocation, Dr. Shangula says, is also required to fill current vacancies and additional staff needs.

A sector-wide workload indicator for staffing needs was conducted to determine the needed workforce based on health service needs and the revision of staffing norms.

He further stressed the need to fortify efforts to achieve universal health coverage. 

Dr. Shangula was speaking at the Government Information Centre during a health update session.



Celma Ndhikwa