The King of the Belgians landed at Walvis Bay International Airport as he continues his visit to Namibia.

When the Airbus A330-400 commercial aeroplane landed, officials say it was the largest aeroplane the Walvis Bay International Airport has ever received in two decades.

Before landing, the A330-400 used a method called a corkscrew landing, or also spiral landing, which is intended to minimise the risk of the aircraft being hit by anti-aircraft fire from the ground on its way to a destination airport.

Instead of a slow descent towards the airport, in a corkscrew landing, the aircraft is positioned at a high altitude and then descends rapidly in a spiral, impressing spectators.

King Phillipe is in the company of a business delegation and was received by the Mayor of Walvis Bay, regional councillors, and law enforcement. 

His visit to Namibia aims to strengthen the friendship and bilateral relations between the two countries.

Discussions will focus on cooperation in sectors such as green hydrogen, environmental protection, tourism, forestry, arts and culture, and trade.

King Phillippe will hold various engagements during his visit to the coast, which include a visit to the Cleanergy Solutions Namibia Green Hydrogen site.



Stefan |Uirab